How The Different Classes Of Water Damage Are Determined

Just as there are different categories of water that can enter a structure and cause damage, there are also different classes of water damage. More specifically, there are four different water damage classes that can play a role in determining how flood restoration processes will be carried out. As a homeowner, it is helpful if you understand a bit about the different flood damage classes yourself even if you have a professional flood damage restoration service helping you out. Here is a look at some of the ways the classes are determined. 

Damage class is determined by how much of the home sustains damage. 

If only a portion of a room sustains water damage, you will likely only have class 1 damage. For example, if a part of your living room is damaged because rising waters slipped into your front door, but the water does not get that far into the room, this could potentially be class 1 flood damage. However, if more of the home sustains damage, or even a full room, you will have a higher damage class rating. 

Damage class is determined by whether the water has saturated the walls. 

If you take a look at the walls in a home that has flooded, you can tell a lot about what has taken place. Even if the water did not climb high enough to get high one walls, the walls act as a wick and suck up a lot of the moisture. Therefore, you can see water wicked up the walls even in homes that may have only had a foot or so of water. If water has thoroughly saturated the wall and it has wicked up a considerable amount of moisture to a high height, you may have a higher class of water damage to contend with.

Damage class is determined by whether the water came in from overhead. 

When floodwater enters a home from overhead, it saturates pretty much everything. The ceiling, the insulation, the walls, the floor, and even the furniture can be affected. In these instances, the damage class is typically higher because it will require far more work to eradicate all the water from the house. 

As you can see, the damage class is determined by a lot of factors. Reach out to a flood damage restoration service for more advice about water damage if you have experienced flooding in your home. 

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