4 Alternatives To Vinyl Siding And How They Compare

Anyone in the siding business or anyone who's recently gone shopping for siding will tell you that for this particular application, vinyl is king. Vinyl offers an excellent combination of cost-effectiveness, durability, and aesthetics, and this makes it the go-to option for many homeowners.

However, some homeowners are not so eager to get vinyl siding. Whether it's due to the aesthetics or something else, many homeowners have been looking for something different. What other siding options are available out there and can they match up to vinyl?

Wood Siding

For those looking for a siding option that provides a high-end look with a price to match, wood siding is a great choice. Wood is one of the oldest wall siding materials and its popularity is still high to date. However, while wood offers a much more premium look than vinyl, it costs significantly more.

In addition to this, wood usually demands a lot of attention since it's susceptible to issues such as rot and insect attacks. Without regular maintenance, wood siding won't last long.

Brick Siding

Still on the premium side of the scale, brick siding offers a unique look that appeals to many homeowners. Many classical buildings have siding made from brick because this is a material that has shown that it can last for years.

However, brick is quite heavy and this is one of the factors that make installing it significantly more expensive than most other options.

Fiber-Cement Siding

Fiber-cement is yet another siding option that's more expensive than vinyl. However, it enables homeowners to get the look of stucco, masonry or wood without breaking the bank, and this has made it somewhat popular. The termite resistance of this material coupled with its lower maintenance needs has also contributed to its popularity.

However, fiber-cement doesn't do so well in moisture without some form of protection, which can lower its lifespan.

Stone Siding

Stone is another siding material that has been in use for centuries. There are many homeowners who still love the look of certain stones and are willing to pay the significantly higher price to get it. One major advantage of stone siding is that you may never have to replace it.

If you wish to have the look of stone siding but you don't want to pay the higher price, you can also ask your siding replacement services contractor about stone-veneer. Stone-veneer is made from a combination of man-made and natural materials.

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Anyone in the siding business or anyone who's recently gone shopping for siding will tell you that for this particular application, vinyl is king. Vin

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