Why Smoke From A Fire Is So Destructive And Some Ways To Restore The Damage

The smoke from a house fire can be a bigger problem than you might think initially. Cleaning up smoke is much more than just airing out your house. Smoke is composed of gases and particulate matter that can waft all over your house and get into tiny crevices. Cleaning up smoke damage is usually a major undertaking that's best left to professionals because if it isn't done right, the acidic smoke can damage your home. Here's a look at how smoke is destructive.

Smoke Causes Surfaces To Discolor

Smoke damage is usually most intense in the area above a fire or in the same room as the fire, but its effects can be seen in adjoining rooms as well. One thing you may notice right away is discoloration on the walls and ceiling. If restoration work begins promptly, it might be possible to clean the surfaces to get rid of the acidic particles and eliminate smoke odor. Other times, it may be necessary to put in new drywall or seal the old walls after they've been cleaned to eliminate the smoke odor permanently.

Smoke Can Cause Permanent Damage

Smoke can also penetrate the surface of certain materials such as wood and porous stone. Smoke can damage your granite countertops and wood structure of your home. In some cases, this damage isn't evident right away, and you may not realize the severity of the problem until the acidic smoke and soot have had time to settle in and cause permanent damage. This is one reason it's important to have a professional inspect your home when it's been full of smoke. You may not realize how much damage has been done until it's too late.

Smoke Odor Can Linger A Long Time

If your home was filled with a lot of smoke and soot, then you may be bothered by smoke odor for a long time if the damage isn't cleaned quickly and properly. Fabrics, wood, drywall, and other materials in your home will soak up the odor and cause it to keep coming back even when you think it's gone. Deep cleaning is necessary to remove all of the particulates that fall out of the smoke.

This involves wiping down all the surfaces in your house and cleaning fabrics like curtains and upholstery. You may even need to have your HVAC and ducts cleaned to get them free from smoke odor. A smoke damage restoration company may use equipment and cleaning products that eliminate smoke odor and scrub the air to finally get rid of the smell.

The lingering odor of smoke can be bothersome if you have respiratory problems, so you'll want to clear it from your home for your health as well as to get rid of the annoying smell. Smoke can not only discolor and harm the building materials in your home, it can waft behind your walls and damage electrical wiring and put your safety at risk. Letting smoke damage restoration professionals handle the restoration process is the best way to ensure your home is safe after its sustained smoke damage from a fire.

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