If You Don't Clean Up A Sofa Spill Right Away, Is There Anything You Can Do?

Sofa spillages are easy to clean, especially if they are still fresh. However, can be a challenge to clean these spillages when you allow them to dry. You don't have to worry about anything if you don't clean the spillages right away since there are several upholstery cleaning solutions which can help you to clean these stains. Most of these solutions are homemade, and they can help you in restoring the fabric of your sofa. Some of these solutions include the following. 


Solutions made out of white vinegar are a good option for removing dried stains on a couch. In a spray bottle, mix one cup of cold water and one cup of vinegar in order to make the solution. In order to remove the stains, you need to spray the vinegar solution directly on the stains. You should exercise extra caution to avoid over-wetting the stain.

Once you wet the stain, use a clean cloth, preferably white to start scrubbing the stain. You should do this from the outer parts of the stains towards the middle. If the stain is not cleaned, spray the vinegar solution again and continue scrubbing with a clean cloth. This process should go on until the stain is completely removed. Next, use a damp clean cloth to rinse the stain. Ensure that you dry the wet spot on the couch with a hair dryer as this avoids the formation of watermarks.


Also known as soda water, it is a homemade fabric stain removal material is odorless and has a neutral pH. Soda water is very effective when it comes to cleaning stubborn stains like blood or wine. Rather than using water, consider using carbonated water to clean stubborn stains on your couch. Also, you can use carbonated water to rinse the couch after scrubbing it. Do not forget to dry the wet spot after cleaning the couch as this prevents the formation of watermarks.


Mix a ¼ and 1/8 cups of baking soda and water respectively in a bowl. Stir the two solutions together in order to make a paste. This paste is very effective in when it comes to cleaning dried stains of wine and coffee. First, you need to scrub the stains with a wet cloth. Then apply the baking soda paste on the stains using a clean cloth. Give the paste a few hours to dry before vacuuming it off.

However, there some precautions you should observe as you clean your couch. These precautions are:

  • Do not use bleach when cleaning your sofa; it can cause discoloration to its fabric.
  • Always ensure that you test your solution before applying it on the fabric to avoid the risk of damaging the fabric.
  • Avoid using too much fluid as it may make the stain to spread and end up damaging the sofa's fabric.
  • Consult professional upholstery cleaning services whenever you doubt anything.

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