Own Heavy Machinery? Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Hydraulic Seals

If you own or work in an industrial facility there's a good chance that most of the equipment in the building utilizes hydraulic seals. Hydraulic seals are an integral part of the manufacturing process because they keep the liquid that is used to power the pistons from leaking outside of the core of the equipment. It's a vital process and one that should be closely observed to make sure that it's going as planned. When any of the following signs start to appear you should have your machinery inspected to see if it's time to replace the hydraulic seals.

You Notice Liquid Oozing Out Of The Hydraulic Cylinders

It's very easy to miss a leak. The liquid could be seeping out of the cylinder ever so slowly, making it difficult for you to realize what is taking place. You must pay attention to what is going on in the areas just around your machinery so you'll be able to catch a leak before it gets out of hand.

When the hydraulic seals start to wear away the liquid can easily begin to slip through the cracks. As the liquid trickles down the cylinder it might form a small pool just beneath the equipment. You might overlook the liquid or think that it's just a one-off occurrence. However, it could be an indication that you need to replace the seals. Failing to do so could be dangerous because the liquid could come into contact with an electrical source and start a fire that threatens to ruin your facility.

The Pistons In The Hydraulic Cylinder Aren't Firing Off The Way They Used To

Pistons typically operate at a steady pace. If you look inside of the cylinder you can see them moving in unison at a speed that is pretty much uniform across the board. When one or more of the pistons start to slow down you might immediately assume that the pistons themselves need to be replaced. This is a pricey project and one that you might be able to avoid if you inspect the hydraulic seals instead. They could have deteriorated so much that they are now making it hard for the pistons to do their job.

You can purchase hydraulic seals at a hardware store, an industrial supply center or through a virtual retailer. Keep those hydraulic seals in top shape and you should be able to maintain your machinery for a long time. To learn more, contact a company like HyVal Industries Inc

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