3 Subtle Signs You Have Hidden Water Damage In Your Concrete Basement

If you have a small water leak in your basement, you may wonder if there are larger leaks you cannot see that are causing hidden damage to your basement's structures. If so, look for the following three subtle signs that you have hidden water damage in your concrete basement.

Presence of Efflorescence In The Corners

When inspecting your basement, first look at the corners and along the bottom of the walls for a white crystalline powder. If you find any of it, this powder is called efflorescence, and it is a sign that you have water leaking behind your walls, While the substance can appear anywhere on your walls, the corners and along the bottom are the most vulnerable.

As water pushes in on the outside of concrete walls, the pressure forces the water through the pores of the material. Along with the water, tiny mineral deposits from the soil and concrete are carried through the wall. These deposits from the powdery substance you see. 

Walls Are Bowed Inward

The second things should look at when determining if you have hidden water damage are your walls. Especially if you see efflorescence on the surfaces, your wall may have started to bow inward.

The same pressure that causes the first sign discussed above can eventually move your walls. To check to see if they are still straight, place the side of your face on one wall, and look down to the opposing corner. Repeat for each wall.

If you see any wall that is curved, you may have a serious problem. Eventually, the water could cave the walls in.

Floor Is Uneven

The next thing to check is the evenness of the basement floor. If there is a water leak under the floor, the ground beneath it may start to give way. This can cause a shift in the concrete.

Since an uneven floor can be hard to see with your eyes, check the balance by placing a bubble level in the center of the room. The bubble should be close to the center. If not, you may have some damage underneath your basement. Also, check the different areas of floor to see if there are multiple points where it is not level.

If you find one or more of the above damage, you may have a serious water leakage problem in your basement. You may want to contact a water damage restoration service to have them inspect the basement and discuss your options for repairing the damage and preventing further water leaks.

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Althouse Restore.

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