Maintain, Repair, And Restore An Antique Clock

Antique clocks are a pleasure to see and hear as they keep time in today's world. Antique clocks are often one-of-a-kind instruments that include wall clocks, cuckoo clocks, mantel clocks, and grandfather clocks. Many of these valuable clocks were made entirely by hand. When an antique clock needs to be maintained or repaired, it is best to take it to a qualified clock shop that has experience working with antique clocks. Here are some things to consider when you want to maintain or restore an antique clock: 

Repair Damaged Clock Parts:  An experienced clock maker can examine your clock to see if it has any parts that are broken or worn. These parts include gears, arbors, levers, and jewels. The clock maker will remove the faulty parts while taking care not to cause further damage to other working parts of your antique clock. The clock maker will then try to find replacement clock parts that match the parts that are needed. If he or she cannot find replacement parts for an obsolete clock part, they will have to custom make them. 

Print 3D Clock Parts:  When antique clock parts are not available to repair a clock, a clock maker can duplicate them with 3D printing. To do this, a clock maker must scan the clock parts into a 3D printer and have those clock parts duplicated in wax. These parts can then be cast in an appropriate metal such as brass. Before fitting the new parts into the clock, the clock maker will finish the surface of the newly created parts to match the surface of the original parts. 

Restore a Clock Case:  Wood, metal, and glass clock cases of antique clocks can also be repaired and restored. Many times this is done by duplicating parts of the clock case and fitting them into the original case. After a clock case has been restored, it can then be antiqued and finished to match the original parts of the case. 

Routine Maintenance and Care:  If you have a valuable antique clock that is still keeping time, you should have it routinely serviced by a qualified clock maker every 3 to 5 years. If you are going on vacation, wind your clock before you leave and again when you return. If you have an antique clock with a pendulum and will be gone for a while, stop the pendulum before you leave and start it up again when you return. 

A good clock shop can maintain, repair, and restore an antique clock, or will know specialists that can do the job. Take your antique clock to a clock maker in your area and ask the expert to examine your clock and give you an idea of the condition of the clock and their estimate of any maintenance or repairs that may be needed. With regular maintenance, repair, and restoration, your antique clock can continue to keep time for many years. 

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