How To Repair Water Damage In Your Attic

Since your attic is out of sight, you probably don't check it too often. You may only become suspicious of a problem when you see dark water stains spreading on your ceiling. By that time, there can be a lot of water damage in the attic. If your attic is small, it's challenging to dry it out since you don't have much room to move around. You may need to call in a contractor to work in the tight space and bring in commercial supplies. Here are some things you'll want to have done as soon as possible to get the water damage under control.

Find The Source Of The Leak

The first step is to figure out where the water leak is coming from. A leaky roof is a likely culprit, but if your home has been renovated, it's possible the new plumbing pipes were routed through the attic. In that case, you'll want to check all the pipes and their connections to make sure it isn't a plumbing leak. If you suspect a leaky roof, climb into the attic during a rain and look for drips and streams of water pouring inside. Once you've stopped the water leak, you're ready to begin repairs of the damage.

Replace Insulation

If you have fiberglass batt insulation, check all of it for dampness. Once it gets wet, it doesn't insulate very well, so you'll need to get rid of it. Plus, it takes the insulation a long time to dry out, so it is an excellent place for mold to grow. Since it holds onto moisture, it increases the overall humidity in the attic which also encourages mold to grow elsewhere in the space. When you pull up the wet insulation, you can check the wood around it for signs of decay and mold. These problems should be fixed before new insulation is installed.

Remove Mold

If there is mold in the attic, you want to hire a contractor to remove it so you don't spread it throughout your house or inhale the spores. The mold should be removed before wood is replaced so the mold doesn't get dispersed into the air. It may be necessary to remove some of the rotted wood in the attic along with the mold. If the mold isn't too bad, it may be possible to remove it with the right cleaning chemicals. Once the mold is gone and the soaked materials are removed from the attic, the contractor can set up commercial fans to further dry out the space.

Repair The Ceiling

You'll want to get rid of the ugly stain on your ceiling. If the water damage isn't too bad, you might be able to get rid of the stain by simply painting over it. However, if the ceiling drywall is saturated with water, it will be too difficult to dry out. The ceiling will form bubbles and bumps that still show after you paint over them.

In this case, the contractor will remove the damaged portion of the drywall. This involves cutting out the damaged area and patching in a new piece of ceiling. Then, the area is painted and the damage is gone. When the dry ceiling is in place and the attic has dried out, you can have new insulation installed. Your attic will be restored to its dry state and you won't have to worry about leaks and mold anymore.

Keep in mind, a leak can develop in your attic at any time. A storm can knock off shingles or a raccoon may tear through the roof. It's a good idea to check your attic occasionally to make sure it stays dry. When you do see signs of a leak, take action right away so you can spare the attic from expensive damage that requires a restoration contractor to repair. For more information, visit websites like

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