3 Things You Need To Know About Getting Mold Out Of Your House

If you have found mold growing in your house, you need a comprehensive strategy for getting that mold out of your house. Mold can often hide out in places that you can't see, making it important that you really clean everywhere after you find mold in your home. Here are three places that you may not think you need to clean once you find mold in your home.

#1 Air Ducts

The thing about mold is that it is spread by tiny, microscopic spores. These spores are literally everywhere, just floating around and waiting to find the right place to call home. Once you have mold growing in your home, there are even more spores floating around and those spores can easily get into your duct system and find a home there. Your ducts are generally dark, moist and often warm, creating the perfect environment for mold to thrive.

If you have a mold outbreak in your home, you need to seriously consider hiring a professional team to clean out your air ducts. That way, any mold that is present can be dealt with and any mold spores that are in your ducts can be removed before they turn it into their next home.

#2 Carpets

Mold spores love living inside of carpets. They get ground into the fibers of your carpet. That doesn't mean that they are harmless. Mold can easily grow in your carpet and under your carpet without you even noticing that there is any mold growing. Have your carpet tested and pulled back to ensure that the mold is not growing under them, then have your carpets steam cleaned by a professional and treated for mold spores. This should kill any spores that are lingering in your carpet and that could start to grow down the road.

#3 Plumbing Fixtures

Mold spores love bathrooms, and one of the places that they like to hang out is in your pipes, where they can eat all the soap scum and hair that runs down your pipes and spread to the rest of your bathroom. Use a drain cleaning product that is specifically designed to fight back against mold to clean all of the pipes in your bathroom. Then, deep clean your entire bathroom with mold-killing products to ensure that all spores that could be in your bathroom are killed.

When mold is found in your home, it is better to over clean than to under clean. Clean all areas of your house as thoroughly as you possible can to ensure that the mold spores don't spread to the rest of your home and endanger your health and safety. For more information, contact a business such as Fire & Flood Services Inc.

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