Buying An Old Home? 2 Dangers That May Be Lurking Inside

If you are purchasing an older home, it may need some repairs. Before you start doing this, however, you need to learn about some dangers that may be lurking inside of it. Below are two of these dangers so you can get them taken care of.


The home may have mold even if you do not see it, as it can hide anywhere. For example, if the home has or has had any type of plumbing issue, mold can easily start to grow anywhere that it is damp. If there was ever a roof leak, water can get into the attic. If not removed, mold can also grow there, on the rafters and even on the insulation. Mold can also grow in duct work. When this happens, the mold spores get into your home each time the HVAC unit runs. There may also be mold under the flooring or behind the walls.

The fastest way to determine if there is mold in the home is to hire a company to do mold testing. They will send a professional to your home that is qualified to do this work. They have industrial equipment and cleaning supplies to find, kill, and remove the mold from your home.

Lead Paint

Lead paint was often used in the past, but it has been learned that lead paint is dangerous, especially for young children and pregnant women. If the walls in your home are painted with lead paint, it will not become dangerous until you start messing with it. For example, if you remove the paint, this releases the particles in the air, where you can breathe it in.

If your home was built before 1978, it may have lead paint. This paint was removed from the market and outlawed in 1978.

There are test kits that you can purchase to help you determine if your home has lead paint. If lead paint is found, you must wear face masks and eye protection before you start working with it, and keep your family out of the room until you are finished. If you are worried about this, you can hire a contractor to do this work for you, as they will know how to stay safe while working with this paint.

When you finish with these two things, you can rest easy knowing you can remodel your home without any dangers to you and your family. 

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